Wireless Access on the USF Tampa Campus

There is now Guest Wireless Access at USF. The network is called “USF_Guest”

Visitors will be able to access the wireless network by doing the following.
1. Connect to “USF_Guest”.
2. Open web browser window.
It will first direct them to a USF web site where they can enter their information in order to receive an access code. They can receive a code via text message or verbally. Guests will then have access to the network for a 24-hour period.

Additional wireless access points are being added across campus so wireless availability will be increased within buildings. For more information, please review the following links:

USF Guest Access - http://it.usf.edu/itc/wireless/goldfaq/277-wirelesss-access
USF Wireless Connections - http://it.usf.edu/itc/wireless
USF Wireless Coverage Map - http://www.net.usf.edu/wireless/coveragemaps.php

Net IDs

For volunteers who will regularly need access to USF's wireless network, a Net ID can be requested. Contact any OLLI-USF staff member for more information.

added 4/9/12