OLLI-USF Policy and Procedures Manual
1. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI-USF) is a part of University College at the University of South Florida (USF).

2. Statement of Purpose

The mission, vision, and values of OLLI-USF are presented in the Bylaws document, which serves as the official governing rules for OLLI-USF. The purpose of these Policies and Procedures is:

A. To provide a management tool for OLLI-USF leaders (elected Board members and appointed committee chairpersons).

B. To provide information about OLLI-USF for the general membership.

Any differences between this manual and the Bylaws are overridden by the Bylaws.

3. How to amend this manual

An annual review of this Policy and Procedures Manual shall be conducted by the Vice Chairperson who may recruit others for assistance. Sections of the manual with recommendations may be referred to appropriate committee chairs for their suggestions and comments. A time for a reply should be specified. All amendments and policy changes are to be explained to the Board of Advisors and then incorporated into the manual at the discretion of the Chair. No vote of approval is required.

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