10. Finances
a. All OLLI registration and membership funds are received by USF Continuing Education Registration Services and are subject to state regulations in regards to qualified expenditures.
b. Committee expenditures must have approval from Director of OLLI-USF.
c. Reimbursement for reasonable costs incurred by course leaders and assistants will be handled by the Director of OLLI USF and must have prior approval. OLLI may refuse to reimburse unauthorized purchases.
d. Gifts to OLLI-USF are handled by the USF Foundation, a 501(3)c corporation and the fundraising and charitable arm of the University. The OLLI-USF Annual Fund is a means to provide for operation costs including volunteer training and recognition. For donors it is a charitable donation.

11. General Policies
a. Fees charged for OLLI-USF programs are determined by the director in consultation with the Board of Advisors.
b. Three year memberships are available at a lower annualized rate.
c. Participation in Study Groups is for current members and for Study Group Leaders who are entitled to free registration in an OLLI USF course for every qualifying OLLI USF class taught. Faculty must teach at least a four hour meeting class to qualify for the free course benefit.

12. Scholarships
a. Scholarships to assist in paying registration or membership fees are available to individuals on request to the office. The amount and conditions of such scholarship assistance is at the discretion of the Director.

13. Volunteers
a. Volunteers are vital to the OLLI organization so whenever possible volunteers are to be encouraged to perform organization duties.
b. OLLI volunteers of record will be invited to volunteer recognition and social events. Such events are organized by the Volunteer Committee in coordination with OLLI USF staff.

14. Study Group/Course Registration
a. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.
b. Second Choice registration is on a first come, first served basis subject to space available. Second Choice seats in OLLI-USF courses will be made available where financially feasible.

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