15. Faculty

a. Must adhere to the “OLLI Faculty Handbook"
b. Are representatives of OLLI USF and are to conduct themselves accordingly.
c. OLLI's faculty/instructors are volunteers and do not receive remuneration.
d. Faculty are entitled to one free Study Group/course as a participant for each four hour or more Study Group/course they have conducted.
e. Faculty cannot require attendees to purchase anything not described in the Evergreen course description.
f. Audio-visual equipment will be provided by OLLI as available when requested by a class leader.
g. Guests to study groups may visit at the approval of the Study Group Leader for no more than two meetings and only if the group is not oversubscribed.

16. Instructional Support Volunteers

a. Volunteer Class Assistants shall be provided for each liberal arts group. Their duties are defined by the Volunteer Management Committee and may include: recording class attendance, helping with handouts, making announcements, distributing and collecting course evaluations and other assistance as needed.
b. Coaches shall be provided for each computer class. Their duties are defined by the Volunteer Management Committee.

17. Special Interest Groups

a. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are created, planned, coordinated, and maintained by the OLLI members themselves who are vitally interested in a particular topic. They are groups outside of the regular classes and may have schedules very different from the classes. Some meet seasonally and others meet year-round.
b. One or more OLLI members can develop a new Special Interest Group.
SIG chairs will be assisted, as needed, by the SIG coordinator or the OLLI office.
SIG leaders will their OLLI non-member participants to join OLLI.
c. Any SIG holding its own event is responsible for that event in its entirety, including financial, unless arrangements have been made with the Director of OLLI USF.
d. Special interest groups currently include; SNUG, a computer users group, GSIG for individuals interested in the study of genealogy and HABLEMOS, a Spanish conversation group.

18. Open Houses

The goals for open houses are to build membership, to highlight selected classes and to provide a social mixer for members.

19. Friday Lecture Series

a. Are the responsibility of OLLI USF Coordinator.
b. Provide a variety of speakers to address issues of current interest.
c. Are open to members and the general public.
d. Registration is required.
e. For those without parking permits there is a nonrefundable fee as established by USF.

20. Addenda

a. Bylaws
b. OLLI USF Financial Information
c. 2011-2012 Board Calendar
d. 2011-2012 Board Goals
e. Frequently Asked Questions About OLLI - USF
f. Organizational chart
g. Board Member Duties and Responsibilities.

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