6. Committees

A. Standing Committees

1) Strategic and Organizational Planning Committee
Mission: Identify OLLI’s strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and challenges and help develop strategies to capitalize on or mitigate them. Monitor the effectiveness of the OLLI organization and it's development. Plan for the future.

2) Development Committee
Mission: To provide additional funding for OLLI-USF through various fundraising activities and events such as the Annual Fund, special events, business solicitations, and other campaigns.

3) Curriculum Committee
Mission: To facilitate development of curriculum and related high quality learning opportunities consistent with OLLI-USF’s tradition of peer-led academic offerings. The committee pursues these objectives primarily through subcommittees who have responsibility for selected subject areas.
Sub committees:
a) Humanities and the Arts
b) Literature and Writing
c) History and Political Science
d) Science and Mathematics
e) Technology: Windows Computer Training
f) Technology: Macintosh Computer Training
g) Electives
h) Faculty Development

4) Membership
Mission: To grow, renew and improve OLLI by reaching, attracting, involving and retaining a diverse membership committed to an active life of learning and involvement in their community.
Sub Committees
a) Recruitment Subcommittee will focus on bringing in new members.
b) Retention Subcommittee will make contact with current and former OLLI members to promote activities and strengthen ties to OLLI and encourage deeper levels of involvement.

5) Volunteer Management Committee
Mission: To promote volunteerism from the OLLI membership, and to orientate and maintain volunteers that will continue to contribute, develop and improve the OLLI- USF mission and goals.
Sub Committees
a) Volunteer Recruitment
b) Volunteer Retention
c) Volunteer Recognition
d) Volunteer Record Keeping

6) Social Events Committee
Mission: To help maintain a vital OLLI-USF by planning events that encourage members to get to know one another. As OLLI's official hosts, members of the committee actively coordinate with the other committees and provide a friendly, welcoming face to OLLI members and to the public.
Events will include:
a) Friday Lecture Series
b) Open Houses

B. Nominating Committee - appointed by Board as needed.

This committee is responsible for managing the process for recruiting new board members, evaluating applicants and recommending a slate of candidates for Board approval prior to the annual election.

C. Special ad hoc Committees as necessary.