7. Board of Advisors Procedures

Board Procedures not covered by Bylaws:
a. General conduct of the meeting is to be in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. This is not with a focus on parliamentary procedure but rather is to have meaningful meetings which stay on topic and end in a timely fashion while providing each attendee the opportunity to participate.
b. No proxy voting.
c. Voting can be done in writing on proposed resolutions which have been circulated in writing before the actual meeting where the voting is to take place. Written votes are to be presented to the Secretary.
d. All board meetings are open to the general membership.
e. Members are allowed to make comments to the Board of Advisors as provided for in the meeting agenda or at the discretion of the Chair.
f. Executive Committee meetings are scheduled by the Board Chair as needed.

8. Grievances and Conflict Resolution

Grievances or conflicts may occasionally arise within the OLLI community. Parties involved may be individual members, groups within a course, Course Assistants, Course Leaders, class site management and OLLI office staff.
a. The instructor/faculty member should be the initial decision maker when the issue is class operation and involves class participants.
b. If the matter is not resolved it is to be referred to Staff.
c. Staff are the only ones to handle disputes with site management.

9. Editorial Policy for Membership and Public Communications

a. No communication is to be sent to general membership or the general public without prior approval by OLLI USF staff.
b. At the request of any OLLI committee or Special Interest Group, press releases are developed and distributed by the OLLI USF staff.
c. Publication approval is needed from USF staff for anything bearing the OLLI name or logo.

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