4. Board of Advisors Mission Statement
The OLLI-USF Board of Advisors' mission is to ensure the effectiveness and continuity of OLLI-USF by guiding decision making, enabling program excellence, responding to the membership, and promoting member participation. Sharing leadership with the OLLI-USF staff, the board is future oriented, continually striving to improve while addressing present challenges and opportunities.
5. Board Member Duties and Responsibilities
a. Each member of the board is responsible for:
1) establishing, safeguarding, and advancing OLLI-USF's values, vision, and mission as presented in the Bylaws, Article II;
2) understanding the organization's financial position;3) advancing the organization's goals; and4) advising and supporting the Director.
b. Each member and officer of the board is responsible to understand and follow the processes detailed in the Bylaws, Article IV.
c. Following are the optimal performance expectations for board members:
1. Prepare for each board meeting by reading material distributed prior to the meeting.2. Attend and participate in the proceedings of all regular and special board meetings.
3. Serve on at least one of the six standing committees and actively participate in the meetings of the committee.
4. Serve on ad-hoc committees as needed.5. Maintain knowledge of and commitment to the current programs and staff of the organization.6. Retain and renew your personal paid membership in OLLI-USF.7. Promote OLLI-USF membership.8. Support OLLI-USF's annual fundraising effort, and solicit the support of others.9. Participate as a teacher, assistant, or student in at least one OLLI-USF learning opportunity each year.10. Share resources and talents with the organization, including both your own expertise and your contacts with others who may be willing to support or contributeto OLLI-USF.11. Be loyal to the organization. Serve as the devil's advocate of the organization internally, and as its chief advocate externally.12. Be accessible, by phone or e-mail, to staff and other board members as needed.13. Contribute a minimum of 4 hours per month to working for the organization.14. Fulfill commitments within the agreed-upon deadlines.15. Maintain appropriate confidentiality of information given to board members.16. Take the initiative and provide leadership.17. Work well with the team to accomplish goals.18. All Board of Advisors members serve without compensation. When acting on behalf of OLLI-USF they are indemnified and held harmless for their actions.19. Act as a host at OLLI functions and as a representative of OLLI-USF.20. New members and officers will attend an Orientation and Training meeting, held within a month following their election or appointment.
d. Board officers are responsible for the duties outlined in the Bylaws, Article IV. To perform these duties, they should exhibit the following characteristics in addition to those outlined above for board members:
1. The chair will need excellent oral and written communication skills, proven leadership ability, planning and management skills, ability to integrate vision with reality, meeting facilitation strength, disposition to delegate responsibility when appropriate, knowledge of issues, community, and constituencies, patience, creativity, and vision.2. The vice chair will need excellent oral and written communication skills, proven leadership ability, knowledge of parliamentary procedure, planning and delegation skills, patience, creativity, and vision.3. The secretary must have good listening skills, the ability to summarize information into concise statements, and the ability to delegate when appropriate.4. The treasurer should have an understanding of university accounting systems, types of funds, and internal controls, and the ability to analyze and clearly present financial statements and budgets.

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